Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello there, my name is Tarrent, aka Upstart Gamer, and I am here to well pretty much have fun. I am nothing more than my name, an Upstart gamer, a little more about me, at this second I am a 17 year old male a senior, and I am a gamer through and through.
Gamer- when I say gamer I don't mean I play GTA-5 every day, or Black ops, yes they play games but are they truly Gamers? Do they know what DnD is? Pathfinder? What about simple board games? When I call myself A Gamer I mean I play it all, yes I do play GTA, yes I do play Blackops, Skyrim, Minecraft, but I also play DnD(Dungeon and Dragons), Table Top Miniatures, Board games, and many more, over time I will include everything about those.
This blog, and my YouTube account will strive to show another gamer, and my FB will record it all. I will do reviews, lets plays, and many more. but on-top of that, this is my story, I will learn more, and while I am a Upstart, I will become a Master.
Let us learn gaming together.